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Analysis Of The Development Momentum Of Mobile Phone Connector In China
Altek Optic Technology Co.,Limited | Updated: May 15, 2017

In recent years, the rapid growth of mobile phone production in China has led to a large demand for mobile phone connectors, mobile phone connector, battery connector, SIM card connector, FPC Connector demand for the largest, about 50%% of the total demand, according to the Global Resources market Research Report, 2009, in the mobile phone and consumer electronics market highlighted demand, China's mainland mobile phone connector market, two digits of growth.

Connector technology involves a wide range, but no matter in which field connector can not be used to leave the precision stamping, precision injection molding two process. Stamping and injection molding at the core of the mold is in this aspect, so the connector's technical threshold, first in stamping and injection molding of these two pieces should have expertise.

Of course, other process management can not be ignored, the so-called quality can see, the process is the key, because the connector more sophisticated, PITCH more and less, the past by the eyes, now if there is no well-trained personnel and strict process management, as well as the high-end testing equipment, its quality is difficult to stabilize.

According to the Ministry of Information industry data, the total number of mobile phone users in our country is growing at 5 million per month, the number of mobile phone users in China will reach 600 million households this year, while the global mobile phone renewal cycle has been shortened from 26 months to 18 months, the mobile phone connector industry is developing rapidly.

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